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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000027731 Helpblockresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-08-09AddObject method return 9005: 'Invalid parameter name' when Add a WANConnectionDevice object.
  00002722   Helpcrashnew2017-07-20sending http message failed: httpCode= 500
  00002631   Questionminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-07-18CanĀ“t compile easycwmp
  000024341 Helpminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-06-08[easycwmp] NOTICE - LibCurl Error: The requested URL returned error: 500
  0000245    Enhancementminornew2017-06-06Add parameters of Time.
  0000239    Enhancementminornew2017-06-04Add new params: Device.GatewayInfo.
  0000237    Enhancementminornew2017-06-01Add new parameters: DeviceInfo.NetworkProperties.
  00002071   Bugminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-06-01Single param GPV request from ACS results in GPV response with multiple params with same parent node
  00002101   Bugminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-06-01external_free_list_parameter() is missing in the set notification in xml.c
  00002111   Bugminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-06-01Use UBUS_METHOD_NOARG instead of UBUS_METHOD for easycwmpd_handle_notify
  00002251   Enhancementminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-06-01get ip address should use also ubus command in the Device.IP. script
  00002261   Bugminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-06-01Some functions are missing input arguments in the common script
  00002331   Enhancementminorresolved (Anis)2017-06-01fix warning issues
  00002271   Enhancementminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-06-01Use ubus call uci commit to restart services in the script
  00002341   Enhancementminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-06-01Enhancement of Fault handlers in EasyCwmp core
  00002221   Enhancementminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-06-01remove forced inform from IP, DHCPv4 and WiFi
  00002351   Enhancementminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-06-01remove the tri of parameters when getting them from external pipe
  00001821   Generalblocknew (mohamed.kallel)2017-05-31EasyCwmp configure: WARNING: unrecognized options: --enable-acs
  000023131 Bugblockresolved (Anis)2017-05-26easycwmpd console exit and CPE timeout when IPPingDiagnostics
  0000230101 Questionmajorresolved (Anis)2017-05-26rpc_inform(218): sending Inform http message failed
  000022981 Bugblockresolved (Anis)2017-05-25system reboot constantly by running command "easycwmpd start" or "easycwmpd boot"
  000021793 Helpblockresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-04-27The easycwmpd process sends a [FIN,ACK] packet to disconnect with acs after sending post request
  000021631 Helpblockresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-04-24There is no --enable-debug and --enable-devel options when I build easycwmp on the openwrt15
  00002154   Helpblockresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-04-20easycwmpd can't printf log message
  0000213 1 Helpmajornew2017-04-12rpc_inform(229): parse Inform xml message from ACS failed
  00002024   Helpmajorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-03-14download firmware fail
  00002083   Questionmajorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-03-13how to use connectionrequesturl
  00002041   Questionfeaturenew2017-02-22How to realize that CPE find ACS URL by DHCP option
  00002031   Enhancementminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-02-16Support tar.gz file of luci in the apply download of config
  00002002   Questionminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-02-15easycwmpd exits after firmware upgrade is downloaded and applied
  00001811   Enhancementminorresolved (Anis)2017-02-14add log details
  00001991   Questionmajorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-02-13does easycwmp support transfer encoding
  0000198185 Questionblockresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-02-13tcp out of order
  0000196124 Questionblockresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-02-06Missing authentication header in http request
  0000195    Generaltextnew2017-02-03Add the patch of rc.common (for notify handler) in the install tutorial
  00001801   Enhancementminorresolved (Anis)2017-01-27strip double and single quotes from Device_info value.
  00001781   Bugminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-01-27The forced inform parameters list are not conform with the TR-181 standrad
  00001941   Enhancementminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-01-27Add TR-181 WiFi and DHCPv4 params and Enhancement of Download
  00001661   Bugminorresolved (anis.ellouze)2017-01-27error in the case of DMROOT.IP.Interface.
  000014561 Questionmajorresolved (Anis)2017-01-27ipping diagnostic has no reply
  00001791   Bugminorresolved (Anis)2017-01-27[IPPing Diagnostics ] :8 DIAGNOSTICS COMPLETE event is not send when host is bad
  00001541   Bugminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-01-27Replace '//' by '/' in the OpenWRT Makefile
  000016114   Helpmajorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-01-27Creating Inform xml message is failed.
  00001633   Questionminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-01-27Can not find TR069 full parameters ?
  00001701   Helpminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-01-27how to use /tmp/.easycwmp_notif_param_value
  00001712   Helpminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-01-27Able to send Inform but not able to get GPV response from Easycwmp
  00001654   Helpminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-01-27How deploy a Complete TR-069 Client-Server Environment
  00001853   Questionminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-01-27Can't change PeriodicInformInterval
  000018441 Helpminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-01-27HTTP SERVER CONNECTION FAILED
  00001864   Helpminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-01-27getting error when tried to configure json-c
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