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0000329easycwmpBugpublic2018-05-25 14:10
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PlatformopenwrtOSlede 17.01.04OS VersionLede 17.01.04
Summary0000329: $UCI_SHOW/$UCI_GET -X not working
DescriptionI'm using the latest easycwmp1.6.1 compiled with TR-181 model. The object Device.WiFi. was not shown. After hours of debugging I have found out that in /usr/share/easycwmp/functions/wifi the commands issued with $UCI_SHOW -X and $UCI_GET -X do not work :( the same applies to /usr/share/easycwmp/functions/dhcpv4. With deleting the -X in functions you get full output.
Steps To Reproduce1.) compile
2.) easycwmp get value Device.Dhcpv4.
3.) easycwmp get value Device.WiFi.
Additional InformationMaybe I'm doing something wrong as this is my first install.
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