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0000296easycwmpHelppublic2017-10-11 05:08
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PlatformlinuxOSopenwrtOS Versionbarrier breaker
Summary0000296: need to retrieve/write parameters almost real-time
Descriptioni need to get or set parameters of device almost real-time

even if the periodic_interval is set to 24hours, device should still respond to set/get of parameters without waiting 24 hours.

I've seen this implemented on other device (not sure if it is easycwmp) but I need help to get this done, any idea?

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2017-10-04 10:31

administrator   ~0000806

You have to send Connection Request from your ACS. And then easycwmp will start immediately a session with your ACS which should be pre-configured to make your get/set


2017-10-11 05:08

reporter   ~0000812

found out the problem. connection request is not working because access to WAN is blocked by default

edited /etc/config/firewall and allow access to port 7547

please also include this on your installation note if possible so we will never forget it :)

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