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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000032233 Helpminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2018-07-13ubus initialization failed
  00002861   Bugminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2018-06-28Remove gz/bz files in the download config before make the folder copy
  00003015   Questionminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2018-06-28TR-111 STUN NAT
  00003243   Helpminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2018-06-28easycwmp download
  00003191   Questionminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2018-06-28Is there any documentation available?
  000030211 Bugminorresolved (emna.trigui@pivasoftware.com)2018-06-25Does not filter illegal characters in DEVICE_PRODUCT, interacts badly with some ACSes
  000030312 Bugminorresolved (emna.trigui@pivasoftware.com)2018-06-25Typos and ident fixes for the easycwmp action script for openwrt
  00002891   Bugmajorresolved (emna.trigui@pivasoftware.com)2018-06-25dev_rand(/dev/urandom) is not closed in the function http_digest_init_nonce_priv_key()
  00003121   Bugminorresolved (emna.trigui@pivasoftware.com)2018-06-25Remove gz/bz files in the download config before make the folder copy
  00003371   Bugminorresolved (emna.trigui@pivasoftware.com)2018-06-25wrong name reference LIBUBOX_LDFLAGS in configure.ac
  00003351   Enhancementminorresolved (emna.trigui@pivasoftware.com)2018-06-25Add basic authentication for connection request
  00002951   Bugminorresolved (emna.trigui@pivasoftware.com)2018-06-25Should execute apply service before Reboot in the cwmp_handle_end_session()
  00003361   Bugminorresolved (emna.trigui@pivasoftware.com)2018-06-25fork child error when making many Connection Requests
  00003331   Bugminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2018-06-08Interoperability issue with Pace ACS. Parse infrom response fails
  00003091   Bugminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2018-06-08in module time.c the array for local_time is too short! It MUST be char local_time[27] = {0}
  00003321   Bugminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2018-06-08array out of index in src/time.c
  00003211   Helpblockresolved (mohamed.kallel)2018-05-10how to add my function file under the path "/usr/share/easycwmp/functions/" base on openwrt sys
  00003203   Helpminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2018-05-10easycwmp cannot set the value of the corresponding field by "easycwmp set Device.ManagementServer.Username XXX"
  00003047   Questionminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2018-05-10acs url using https gives error
  00003081   Helpfeatureresolved (mohamed.kallel)2018-01-12How to add flow entries in the northbound database in OpenWrt
  00003051   Bugminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-12-20do not replace multispace by 1 space in the xml tag values
  00002901   Helptextresolved (Anis)2017-09-06How to implement new parameter in the DeviceInfo data model
  00002651   Questionminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-08-26compile problem
  0000285371 Helpmajorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-08-26Run easycwmpd -f -d but nothing happens
  00002881   Enhancementminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-08-26Make the easycwmp backup configurable and possible to save backup in easycwmp config
  000027731 Helpblockresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-08-09AddObject method return 9005: 'Invalid parameter name' when Add a WANConnectionDevice object.
  00002631   Questionminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-07-18CanĀ“t compile easycwmp
  000024341 Helpminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-06-08[easycwmp] NOTICE - LibCurl Error: The requested URL returned error: 500
  00002071   Bugminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-06-01Single param GPV request from ACS results in GPV response with multiple params with same parent node
  00002101   Bugminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-06-01external_free_list_parameter() is missing in the set notification in xml.c
  00002111   Bugminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-06-01Use UBUS_METHOD_NOARG instead of UBUS_METHOD for easycwmpd_handle_notify
  00002251   Enhancementminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-06-01get ip address should use also ubus command in the Device.IP. script
  00002261   Bugminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-06-01Some functions are missing input arguments in the common script
  00002331   Enhancementminorresolved (Anis)2017-06-01fix warning issues
  00002271   Enhancementminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-06-01Use ubus call uci commit to restart services in the script
  00002341   Enhancementminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-06-01Enhancement of Fault handlers in EasyCwmp core
  00002221   Enhancementminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-06-01remove forced inform from IP, DHCPv4 and WiFi
  00002351   Enhancementminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-06-01remove the tri of parameters when getting them from external pipe
  000023131 Bugblockresolved (Anis)2017-05-26easycwmpd console exit and CPE timeout when IPPingDiagnostics
  0000230101 Questionmajorresolved (Anis)2017-05-26rpc_inform(218): sending Inform http message failed
  000022981 Bugblockresolved (Anis)2017-05-25system reboot constantly by running command "easycwmpd start" or "easycwmpd boot"
  000021793 Helpblockresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-04-27The easycwmpd process sends a [FIN,ACK] packet to disconnect with acs after sending post request
  000021631 Helpblockresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-04-24There is no --enable-debug and --enable-devel options when I build easycwmp on the openwrt15
  00002154   Helpblockresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-04-20easycwmpd can't printf log message
  00002024   Helpmajorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-03-14download firmware fail
  00002083   Questionmajorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-03-13how to use connectionrequesturl
  00002031   Enhancementminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-02-16Support tar.gz file of luci in the apply download of config
  00002002   Questionminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-02-15easycwmpd exits after firmware upgrade is downloaded and applied
  00001811   Enhancementminorresolved (Anis)2017-02-14add log details
  00001991   Questionmajorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2017-02-13does easycwmp support transfer encoding
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