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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000042511 Bugcrashnew2021-04-20DMC crashed when try to run get_value from dmc cli
  0000424    Helpminornew2021-04-14Tutorials not up to date for other Linux Systems
  00002901   Helptextresolved (Anis)2021-04-12How to implement new parameter in the DeviceInfo data model
  0000419    Questiontextnew2021-04-12utils.h:11:17: fatal error: QtSql: No such file or directory
  0000418    Questionminornew2020-12-30To add the vender specific fault code with the context of TR069
  0000417    Questionminornew2020-11-11[Question] RAM usage in embedded linux
  00004161   Questionminornew2020-11-02after downlaod upgrade file get internal error
  00004151   Questionminornew2020-09-24SHA-256
  00004142   Questionminornew2020-09-03how to add vendor specific. Items?
  00004132   Questionminornew2020-09-02easycwmp 1-8-6 support TR-143?
  00003233   Enhancementfeaturenew2020-08-28Yocto platform support
  000039612 Helpmajornew2020-08-27Easycwmp cannot connect GenieACS
  00004121   Questionminornew2020-07-31easycwmp connect to XACS or OpenACS, but Inform ParameterList is empty, how to send a inform with ParameterValue?
  0000408    Generalblocknew2020-04-08OpenWRT Compilation Error
  000040711 Bugminornew2020-03-19"Unrecognized option '--json-input'" error when running the program
  00004031   Generalmajornew2020-03-12CMakeFiles/ubusd.dir/build.make:198: recipe for target 'ubusd' failed
  00004001   Enhancementminornew2020-03-12Add log message
  00004011   Bugminornew2020-03-12Add "4 VALUE CHANGE" event
  00004061   Bugminornew2020-03-12Faced problems with " uci headers "
  000039422   Bugmajornew2020-03-04Problem compile openwrt
  000039831 Bugmajornew2019-12-13when ACS get multiple parameter values, tr069 client response is error
  0000399    Bugminornew2019-12-12Fix issue in Download method
  0000397    Generalminornew2019-12-06firmware upgrade command / keep setting is selelct
  0000395    Generalminornew2019-11-21tr069 notify not working
  00003922   Helpminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2019-11-14openacs can not connect to cpe.
  00003931   Helpmajornew2019-11-14How to run easycwmp in debug mode?
  0000391    Enhancementminornew2019-10-31Fix issue and enhancement
  0000390    Bugminornew2019-10-25Fix coverity issue
  000038822   Questionminornew2019-10-07after change oui and serialnumber get error 403 libcurl
  0000387    Bugminornew2019-09-26Fix issue in ipping_stop function
  0000385    Enhancementminornew2019-09-23Add ipping ServerSelection backend
  00003561   Helpminornew2019-07-31Manual of EasyCWMP
  0000383 1 Helpminornew2019-07-10Error on compiling : cannot find appropriate hash command, ensure the provided hash is either a MD5 or SHA256 checksum
  0000382    Helpminornew2019-07-05Not showing DSL Statistics graph
  000001711 Helpminorresolved (Anis)2019-07-05No any graph data of DSL Statistics that I selected "DSL Statistics graph of cpe" form openACS managent Interface
  0000377    Enhancementminornew2019-06-19Fix issues and enhancement
  0000375    Questionminornew2019-05-07LibCurl Error: The requested URL returned error: 400 Bad Request
  00002881   Enhancementminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2019-04-08Make the easycwmp backup configurable and possible to save backup in easycwmp config
  0000374    Bugminornew2019-04-02cwmp_init_deviceid(736): in device you must define product_class
  00003731   Helpmajornew2019-04-02The same issue as #issue0000161
  0000372    Bugminornew2019-03-29Can't build libubox
  0000371    Questionblocknew2019-03-25Issues installing UCI
  0000367    Bugminornew2019-01-31Can't run easycwmpd as non-root user
  000030721 Helpminornew2019-01-31ubus installation fail due to missing -lblobmsg_json
  0000366    Questionminornew2019-01-22In PPPoE mode, the WAN IP on the CPE side changes, but ACS is not notified.
  00003651   Questionminornew2019-01-18spawning multiple easycwmp instances
  000035714   Helpmajornew2019-01-02`/usr/sbin/easycwmp get value Device.` prints empty line breaks
  00003452   Bugcrashnew2018-12-18Unable to compile OpenWRT package
  000035063 Bugmajornew2018-10-01easycwmp doesn't send a DownloadResponse for the second of two consecutive downloads
  0000361    Helpminornew2018-09-25easycwmpd start result in "Segmentation Fault" and not even sending Inform request
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