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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00001581   Enhancementminorresolved (Anis)2016-10-04source code indent and clean
  00001601   Questionminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-08-19Cant install on OpenWRT
  00001593   Helpminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-08-17Can't run easycwmp successfully
  000015751 Bugminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-08-16sending http message failed when I use huawei's itms not openacs
  00001563   Helpmajorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-08-16How to enable Digest auth on the easycwmp
  00001554   Questionmajornew2016-07-29easycwmp and session cookies
  00001531   Enhancementminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-07-16remove null from log message of external
  00001521   Bugminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-07-16ipping diagnostic does not work properly in Ubuntu
  00001511   Bugcrashresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-07-16crash in ubuntu when launching download with invalid url
  00001501   Enhancementminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-07-16All scripts should be 'chmod +x' in the install
  00001491   Enhancementminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-07-14Launch data mdel command directly with /usr/sbin/easycwmp instead of using /bin/sh
  000014231 Helpmajorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-07-14my openwrt router connects intermittently to freeACS
  00001401   Bugcrashresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-07-14easycwmp crashes with Segmentation Fault
  00001461   Enhancementminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-07-14Enhancement launch of easycwmp script could be done with --json-input instead of json_input argument
  00001471   Enhancementminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-07-14Enhancement Add ipping_stop function to ipping_launch script
  00001481   Bugminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-07-14memory leak: should call blob_buf_free() after calling blob_buf_init()
  00001436   Helpminorresolved (Anis)2016-07-14Can't call the ubus call tr069 notify
  00001251   Helpfeatureresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-07-14Discussion about how to combine our easycwmp design with REST API Web Serive to support better service
  00001441   Helpminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-07-14need help getting some voip values from acs server
  00001391   Helpminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-07-14Cant get easycwmp package to run
  00001414   Helpminornew2016-06-17Could not talk with ACS. Receive Empty message from ACS.
  00001384   Helpcrashnew2016-06-17Firmware update continues even if file is incomplete
  000013612 Enhancementminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-05-26use mxmlGetNextSibling() in xml_get_value_with_whitespace()
  00001341   Enhancementminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-05-11Enhancement Add IPPingDiagnostic parameters
  00001331   Enhancementminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-05-11Enhancement of the data model instances browsing
  00001122   Bugminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-05-11Service trigger does not work
  00001152   Generalminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-05-11Update Nand (wearout) on every restart
  000012051 Questionminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-05-11Can EasyCwmp parse InformResponse xml message with header soapenv from ACS
  00001312   Bugminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-05-11Incorrect use of comma operator in loops in xml.c
  0000123303 Helpminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-05-11HTTP SERVER CONNECTION FAILED
  00001321   Bugminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-05-10Nonce private key not properly initialized
  00001211   Questiontextresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-05-04Easycwmp in Openwrt + GenieACS
  00001224   Helpminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-05-03EasyCwmp on Openwrt 12.09 (Attitude Adjustment)
  00001282   Generalminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-05-03How to get/set specific parameters remotely?
  000001252 Helpminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-04-18Unable to set parameter value remotely
  000012621 Helpblockresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-04-12Sending Inform http message failed when Start easycwmp
  00001241   Questiontrivialnew2016-03-31can easycwmp support file transfer to ACS server
  00001172   Questionmajorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-02-26factory reset and firmware update not working
  000011831 Helpmajorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-02-26firmware update, download encounters error
  000011921 Bugmajorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-02-26./configure error (see: http://support.easycwmp.org/print_bug_page.php?bug_id=93 [^])
  00001161   Helptrivialresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-02-18easycwmp commands
  00001139   Questionminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-01-26How to set ssl related configuration in easycwmp?
  00001097   Questionmajorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-01-25Can easycwmp support cookie?
  000011452 Helpminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-01-20sending http message failed
  00001104   Questionmajorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-01-13Not able to get information from ExternalIPAddress
  00001112   Questionminornew2016-01-13Will easycwmp support ChangeDUState method?
  00001084   Bugminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-01-05handling arguments with white spaces (schedule inform CommandKey as example)
  000010681 Bugmajorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2016-01-05Supporting HTTP 302, 307 status code in EasyCwmp
  00001051   Questionmajorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2015-12-31Is TR-196 supported? If not, is there any plan to add support for it?
  00001071   Enhancementminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2015-12-30Support '8 DIAGNOSTICS COMPLETE' event in the command ubus call tr069 inform
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