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Summary0000073: procd

Openwrt is using for alle new services the new init system the procd.
Easycwmp for now uses the old init system in openwrt. Is it possible that we can switch to the new init system?


I have written an luci module for openwrt (maybe you want to have it?). If I change some parameters i have to manual reload the service and if i dont want to do this i have to set an etry into /etc/config/ucitrack to reload the service if something changed.
This could be simplifed if the /etc/init.d/easycwmp tracks the /etc/config/easycwmp with procd. Every time the config changed procd will trigger the function service_triggers() in the init script and there we can make a /etc/init/easycwmp restart

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2015-07-30 14:48

administrator   ~0000256

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Does the service_triggers() will be triggered by procd if the easycwmp config is changed by the easycwmpd itself or by the easycwmp script?.

Because I do no want to restart the easycwmpd service if the config if changed by the easycwmpd or by the script


2015-07-30 23:46

administrator   ~0000257

Thank you Flo for the issue. this issue will be treated in the future. Not sure to be available for the next delivery.

Please you have a patch to support the procd, you are welcome to share it in this issue


2015-11-25 16:08

administrator   ~0000329

delivered in EasyCwmp-1.2.2

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