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0000058easycwmpHelppublic2015-06-12 20:03
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PlatformOpenWRTOSLinuxOS VersionOpenWRT14.07
Summary0000058: Data model
DescriptionI am new to easyCWMP.
The data model that I get with getValue on InternetGatewayDevice. would need to be extended for my application.
Also, I don't get the right values for "WANConnectionDevice.X.WANIPConnection.Y.ExternalIPAddress and MACAddress.

So my question is;
Is there some documentation to help in extending the data model?
A documentation on how and where the datamodel is converted to UCI data so that I can check what might be going when not getting the correct values.
Steps To ReproduceBuilt openWRT 14.07 with easyCwmp for x86 and ran it on VirtualBox.

Used command;
sh /usr/sbin/easycwmp --json get value InternetGatewayDevice.

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2015-06-09 17:50

developer   ~0000201

The existing data model scripts are not complete for openwrt neither for other linux systems. The existing data model are just an example to see how to develop a customized data model.

There is no guide documentation for data model development, you can follow the existing data model scripts to develop you own data model. It's very easy.

If you need professional support to develop you data model, please refer to our commercial offers.

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