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0000051easycwmpQuestionpublic2015-06-09 17:51
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PlatformlinuxOSUBUNTUOS Version12.04
Summary0000051: CPE Could not communicate with Libreacs
DescriptionWe have configured the EasyCWMP and Libreacs on same PC.we haven't given any config script into it.we download the CPE from ""

when we give the command :-
bash /usr/sbin/easycwmp -–json get value InternetGatewayDevice.
No output seen.

how can we configure to communicate EasyCWMP and libreacs.What all configuration done for it.
Additional Informationwhen run command for Easycwmp:-
root@labuser-OptiPlex-GX620:/etc/config# /usr/sbin/easycwmpd -f -b
config_init_local(55):: easycwmp.@local[0].interface=eth0
config_init_local(65):: easycwmp.@local[0].port=8080
config_init_local(83):: easycwmp.@local[0].ubus_socket=/var/run/ubus.sock
config_init_local(71):: easycwmp.@local[0].username=easycwmp
config_init_local(77):: easycwmp.@local[0].password=easycwmp
config_init_local(94):: easycwmp.@local[0].logging_level=3
config_init_acs(159):: easycwmp.@acs[0].url=
config_init_acs(165):: easycwmp.@acs[0].username=labuser
config_init_acs(171):: easycwmp.@acs[0].password=abc123
config_init_acs(177):: easycwmp.@acs[0].periodic_enable=1
config_init_acs(183):: easycwmp.@acs[0].periodic_interval=100
config_init_acs(189):: easycwmp.@acs[0].periodic_time=0001-01-01T00:00:00Z

when run command:-
labuser@labuser-OptiPlex-GX620:~$ bash /usr/sbin/easycwmp --json get value InternetGatewayDevice.

No output.
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2015-04-30 12:09

administrator   ~0000189

what's your easycwmp version


2015-05-01 15:28

administrator   ~0000191

Last edited: 2015-05-01 15:29

try to run

 bash /usr/sbin/easycwmp --json inform

If you did not get output

try to change the following line in the /usr/sbin/easycwmp

handle_action 2>/dev/null


handle_action # 2>/dev/null

and see if you got error in the command:

 bash /usr/sbin/easycwmp --json inform

it's possible that your data model scripts are not installed

Please check the folder /usr/share/easycwmp/functions
and see if you find the date model scripts (device_info, management_server, root, common, lan_device, wan_device)


2015-05-04 12:00

reporter   ~0000193

Thanks kallel for quick reply.

what's your easycwmp version-->The version used is 1.0 but schema version is 1-2.

How can I find easyCWMP with schema version 1-1 ?
Also how can we get the schema version of libreacs.


2015-05-04 19:42

administrator   ~0000195

what is the schema version?

to find the easycwmp version, type the following command
easycwmpd -v

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