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0000048easycwmpHelppublic2015-05-08 19:21
Reporterlinhe Assigned Tomohamed.kallel  
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PlatformFL2440OSlinuxOS VersionLinux3.0
Summary0000048: can't found value tree、can't upgrade firmware.
DescriptionI can found my easycwmp on openacs,but I click details it shows:
Serial number: qwerty54321 Hardware: test Current software: test Current config: Last inform at: 2015-04-22 13:35:01.0
Customer ID:
Connection request URL:
Last Conreq: unknown
Go to CPE web UI
(this will mark CPE for reboot and try to request connection.)
ConfigurationName: Default current version: update attempted at: 2015-04-22 13:35:01.0 result: No such entity!
SoftwareCurrent version: test Update attempted at: 2015-04-22 13:35:01.0 result:
LineModulation: Status:
Line parameters Current rate (Kbps) Max rate (Kbps) Attenuation (db) Noise margin (db) Power (dBmV)
but when I click cwmp values tree,it shows:
No saved values found. Check settings in profile or wait for device contacting ACS.

when I try to upgrade my firmware ,is failure.can you give me some suggestions on those problems and some suggestions on how to learn the easycwmp,I am a newer,thanks a lot!
Additional Informationacs: openacs-
cross-compiler:gcc version 4.5.4 (Buildroot 2012.08)
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2015-04-22 10:19

administrator   ~0000187

For the ACS tree, I can not say what exaxtelly your problem. May be it's a config problem or ACS problem. You can check if the easycwmp side works properly by making a traffic capture and check if easycwmp send the right traffic to the ACS.

For the firmware upgrade, you have to upload the upgrade function in the easycwmp script according to your system (Software and Hardware).

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