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0000045easycwmpBugpublic2015-06-09 17:37
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PlatformARMOSOpenWRTOS Versionlinux-3.10.49
Summary0000045: Handling of ParameterKey Containing Whitespace
DescriptionI am testing EasyCWMP with the Cisco PrimeHome ACS. During Initial Configuration, the ACS sends a SPV on the ManagementServer object with a ParameterKey of "1AAABTEkmgwES test52 E". EasyCWMP stores this ParameterKey to its config file as "E". Perhaps EasyCWMP does not expect whitespace in the ParameterKey, so only stores the last word of the value supplied by ACS?

I will attach a pdf containing the SOAP trace.
Steps To Reproduce1) Configure your ACS to send a ParameterKey containing whitespace
2) Check the ParameterKey saved by EasyCWMP.
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2015-03-24 04:25


cph_mgmt_server_sync.pdf (51,724 bytes)


2015-03-24 06:50

administrator   ~0000151

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I confirm It's a bug, EasyCwmp does not support ParameterKey containing white space.

It will be fixed in the next version (nchallah)


2015-06-09 17:37

developer   ~0000197

fixed in EasyCwmp-1.1.3

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