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0000438easycwmpHelppublic2022-03-26 08:57
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Summary0000438: I can't send IP through device options
DescriptionI have the following settings for device config in easycwmp file:

config device
    option manufacturer 'Man'
    option oui 'f80332'
    option product_class 'Product'
    option serial_number '146117'
    option ip_address ''
    option hardware_version 'V1'
    option software_version 'master'

I'm using genieACS and I can receive all parameters except the IP address. I didn't find in the documentation how I would send the IP via options. Could someone help me to be able to send the IP address and it appears as a value in InternetGatewayDevice.WANDevice.1.WANConnectionDevice.1.WANIPConnection.1.ExternalIPAddress?

Thanks in advance!
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2022-03-26 08:57

reporter   ~0001044

Maybe it's a bug of OpenWrt, Pls check whether ip is in /var/state/network.

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