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Summary0000042: SetParameterAttributes
DescriptionDoes easycwmp support SetParameterAttribute ? If yes, then does it support both Active and Passive notification?

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2015-03-05 09:35

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Yes EasyCwmp supports SetParameterAttributes with the related possible value (0:None, 2:Active, 1:Passive).

EasyCwmp daemon does not detect the change the parameter values of other application or daemon. you have to inform the easycwmpd of the change of the parameters

You have to call
ubus call tr069 notify '{"parameter": "A.B.1.C.2.D", "value": "newvalue"}' when your parametr is changed in other application. and then easycwmp daemon will check the attribute of the requested param. If it's:

2, then it will launch immediatly a session with the acs
1, then it will send the param in the inform of the next session with the acs
0, does nothing

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