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0000414easycwmpQuestionpublic2020-09-03 02:01 Assigned To 
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Summary0000414: how to add vendor specific. Items?
If we are use LTE modem or other data connection.
and then, how to add new vendor specific items, lte connection status, rf signal, simcard info. and etc. ?
I just add /etc/config/easycwmp config file, and new function script?

please, let me know how to do and some guide for that.

Thank you,.
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2020-09-02 14:01

administrator   ~0001008

you mean you want to add extra parameters for LTE modems?
If so you need to add new script file that contains the new parameters.
You can follow the examples of existing parameters

2020-09-03 02:01

reporter   ~0001009

Thank you.
I'll try to.

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