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0000032easycwmpBugpublic2015-03-16 11:00
Reportersinkcup Assigned Tomohamed.kallel  
PriorityhighSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
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PlatformHC5661 ( )OSHiWiFi OS (base on openwrt 12.9)OS Version0.9007.1.7117s
Summary0000032: upgrade firmware return 0, but don't take effect, and make a new file /etc/easycwmp/.backup.xml
DescriptionI upgrade firmware from 0.9007 to 0.9008, then from 0.9008 to 0.9007, over and again.
easycwmp download the firmware to `/tmp/easycwmp_download`, than auto run `sysupgrade`, sometimes ok and auto reboot, sometimes return error 141, but at this time I manually run `/bin/sh /usr/sbin/easycwmp --json json_input` or `/sbin/sysupgrade /tmp/easycwmp_download` are all OK.

when display error, and there is a new file /etc/easycwmp/.backup.xml, and easycwmp auto exit, and can not start again. When I delete this file, easycwmp can start again.

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2015-01-21 09:05

reporter   ~0000124

If your .backup.xml looks like

Add some check in backup.c backup_extract_transfer_complete()

n = mxmlFindElement(tree_m, tree_m, "CommandKey", NULL, NULL, MXML_DESCEND);
if (!n) goto error;
    n = mxmlNewText(n, 0, b->child->value.text.string);
    n = mxmlNewText(n, 0, "");
if (!n) goto error;

And restart easycwmp should be fine


2015-03-16 10:59

administrator   ~0000148

@shaste: Thank you for the remark and your contribution


2015-03-16 11:00

administrator   ~0000149

fixed in the version EasyCwmp-1.1.2

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