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PlatformRaspberry Pi 2bOSOpenwrtOS VersionBleeding Edge
Summary0000290: How to implement new parameter in the DeviceInfo data model
DescriptionHello there,

its me again. I really need your help and suggestion on this.

I am trying to implement a new custom parameter inside DeviceInfo which is called ServiceLevel.

I wanted to make this parameter ServiceLevel as writable because I want the ACS to be able to set this value.

The value set on this parameter will determine what the CPE access level to the service will be.

1. First of all, is this implementation is the recommended way of what I'm trying to achieve?

2. Can you advice me on how to create this new parameter for DeviceInfo and where should I pay attention if I want to update its value from the ACS?

Thank you very much. Look forward to your reply!
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2017-08-30 16:38


hi again,

Easycwmp design allows any user to add any obj/param easily.

you have just to follow the example of obj/para already implemented.

try to add parameters and if you have any problem send me the log, I will help you.

BTW, we offer training service and support for easycwmp, it allows you to understand deeply the architecture and the source code design of Easycwmp.

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