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0000200easycwmpQuestionpublic2017-02-15 10:23
Reporterharshshah Assigned Tomohamed.kallel  
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Summary0000200: easycwmpd exits after firmware upgrade is downloaded and applied
DescriptionIn file src/cwmp.c -> function cwmp_download_launch() there is a line :

if (status[0] == '1') exit(EXIT_SUCCESS);

Because of this when I apply the firmware upgrade, easycwmpd exits giving message :
[1] + Done /usr/sbin/easycwmpd -f -b

Because of this the communication with ACS stops

Is this normal ? Will easycwmpd exit after successful firmware upgrade ?
Steps To Reproduce1) Start easycwmpd using :
   /usr/sbin/easycwmpd -f -b &

2) Apply firmware upgrade from ACS

3) Firmware upgrade is applied successfully, but easycwmpd exits.
Additional InformationI have modified the script to adjust with mechanism used for firmware upgrade. Instead of :
/sbin/sysupgrade $DOWNLOAD_FILE

I have written custom command.

I have verified that firmware upgrade is successful with this custom command using :
easycwmp download <url> "1 Firmware Upgrade Image" "0" <user_name> <password>
easycwmp apply download "1 Firmware Upgrade Image"
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2017-02-10 08:04

reporter   ~0000657

Okay, so I just figured out that device has to reboot itself after firmware upgrade, and after reboot when the Inform is sent it has to have '7 TRANSFER COMPLETE' and 'M Download'.

So now the question is that how to store the state of easycwmp between reboots ?


2017-02-15 04:01

reporter   ~0000664

Resolved. No change in easycwmp source code required.

Issue was that /etc/ was not writable for /etc/easycwmp/.backup.xml file

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