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0000017easycwmpHelppublic2019-07-05 13:22
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PlatformARMv5TEJOSMontaVista LinuxOS Version3.0.8
Summary0000017: No any graph data of DSL Statistics that I selected "DSL Statistics graph of cpe" form openACS managent Interface
DescriptionI can't see anything if I selected "DSL Statistics graph of cpe" form openACS managent Interface.

How to show the graph data of DSL Statistics from openACS managent Interface ?
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2014-10-09 11:49


DSL Statistics graph.jpg (149,177 bytes)   
DSL Statistics graph.jpg (149,177 bytes)   


2014-10-09 15:27


The graph is not shown, because DSL parameters are not implemented.
You can add all parameters that you want with same way of parameters already exist in wan_device script file.

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