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0000163easycwmpQuestionpublic2017-01-27 16:20
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PlatformLinuxOSopenwrtOS VersionCC 15.05.1
Summary0000163: Can not find TR069 full parameters ?
DescriptionI have compiled easycwmp 1.3.4 with openwrt CC 15.05.1 version and configured to communicate with ACS.
It had communication but I wan to see all TR069 config parameters.

Is there way to generate or modify this parameters in source?
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2016-09-20 12:35

reporter   ~0000547

what is the role of this along with /etc/init.d/easycwmpd:

root@openwrt:/# easycwmp -h
USAGE: /usr/sbin/easycwmp command [parameter] [values]
  get [value|notification|name]
  set [value|notification]
  apply [value|notification|object|service]
  add [object]
  delete [object]
  inform [parameter|device_id]

Is it suppose to add parameters separately ??
I want TR069 client should have its board specific get/set parameters


2016-09-26 10:54


you can found the Easycwmp config under /etc/config/easycwmp .

 the "/etc/init.d/easycwmpd" is the demon to launch easycwmpd process to communicate with ACS.

easycwmp is the command to execute locally the RPC like

#easycwmp get value

will show you all the tree of the data model parameters.


2016-09-26 10:56

administrator   ~0000549

you can play with easycwmp command in order to test and to see the data model (get/set/addobj/delobj...) without ACS.

You can implement your own data model parameters by following the existing parameters. they are implemented in shell. they are under the folder ext/openwrt/scripts/functions

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