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Summary0000139: Cant get easycwmp package to run
DescriptionI am able to build the easycwmp package and get it to successfully install on the AP. However, when I run it it doesn't appear to start. I enter:
/etc/init.d/easycwmpd start but it does not seem to start. I have also tried restart, boot and enable. I see no logs written. I am logged in as root.

I have setup /etc/config/easycwmp to point to my ACS and when I run easycwmp I see nothing from the laptop onto the Ethernet towards the ACS.

I am sure something is misconfigured, but after playing with this for several days I am stuck. Any help would be more then appreciated.


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2016-06-07 08:58

administrator   ~0000482

did you configure the right interface in the /etc/config/easycwmp.

You can see the log by activating the syslog on your openWRT

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