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0000113easycwmpQuestionpublic2016-01-26 11:13
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Summary0000113: How to set ssl related configuration in easycwmp?
DescriptionI want to test SSL encryption and certificate in easycwmp.
I have set ACS url with "https://", but don't know how to configure the "ssl_cert", "ssl_cacert" and "ssl_verify" options.
In openwrt, there are /etc/uhttpd.crt and /etc/uhttpd.key files, they work properly for https visiting.
Can I use them for easycwmp?How to configue in easycwmp?
Is there any example to configure these options?
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2016-01-13 09:36

administrator   ~0000374

you have to configure the following parameters in your easycwmp config file:
easycwmp.@acs[0].ssl_cert : path of the ssl cert file
easycwmp.@acs[0].ssl_cacert : path of the ssl cacert file
easycwmp.@acs[0].ssl_verify : should be set to enabled value if you wan easycwmp make ssl peer verification otherwise the easycwmp will not make the ssl peer verification


2016-01-13 09:56

reporter   ~0000375

Hi Manager,
  I configure them as following:
  restart easycwmpd, it displayed: unable to use client certificate (no key found or wrong pass ph rase?)
  If I only configured
  It displayed: ssl problem:self signed certificate in certificate chain
  Would you please provide your advice? Thanks!


2016-01-13 10:28

administrator   ~0000376

for easycwmp.@acs[0].ssl_verify='1'
it should be easycwmp.@acs[0].ssl_verify='enabled'


2016-01-13 11:11

reporter   ~0000377

Yes, I set "enabled" in /etc/config.(It will interpret to be '1' )
Would you please provide advice for the error messages? Thanks!


2016-01-13 11:29

administrator   ~0000378

There is some improvement that I can do concerning the ssl part. But I can not do it right now since I m involved on other issues. You can refer to our commercial services to get a quick improvement for this issue or you can play wil libcurl options to get the ssl working.


2016-01-13 11:59

reporter   ~0000379

Got it, thanks!


2016-01-19 05:20

reporter   ~0000380

Modified curl and fixed.


2016-01-19 09:07

administrator   ~0000383

Last edited: 2016-01-19 09:50

Could you please share what you have modified


2016-01-26 10:53

reporter   ~0000390

Actually, curl-7.43.0 can resolve this issue.

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