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0000104easycwmpBugpublic2015-12-28 10:14
Reporterswcims Assigned Tomohamed.kallel  
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Summary0000104: Connection Request failed when the WAN ipaddress is changed
DescriptionHi All,
   I use easycwmp on router device.The test is:change WAN ip address, easycwmp should send inform with value changed, then ACS server send connection request to easycwmp, but connection is failed.
I traced the source code and found something:
1.http_server_init() create socket bindding the local->ip and run only one time on the beginning.
2. When the ipaddress is changed, easycwmp_netlink_interface() will add "EVENT_VALUE_CHANGE". but http_server does not restart and re-bind the new ipaddress.
Do you think it is a bug?
Any advice is highly appreciated.
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2015-12-28 09:07

administrator   ~0000347

It's a bug
It will be fixed in the next delivery inchallah


2015-12-28 10:14

administrator   ~0000348

fixed in EasyCwmp-1.2.4

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