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0000079easycwmpGeneralpublic2015-09-21 22:44
Reportermariofur Assigned Tomohamed.kallel  
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PlatformLinuxOSuBUNTUOS Version14.04
Summary0000079: When trying with the web example fails
DescriptionHello new.

I'm afraid to be stupid, but trying with the last step to get the desired message I get another error like this:

flags:WARN getopt: wrong choice <<s>>(translated form the spanish, may be is not exact)
getopt: wrong choice -- <<o>>
getopt: wrong choice -- <<n>>
-j -- 'get' 'value' 'InternetGatewayDevice.'
flags:FATAL unable to parse provided options with getopt.
Steps To ReproduceIf everything is configured properly when you run:

bash /usr/sbin/easycwmp -–json get value InternetGatewayDevice.

You should see some output like this:

{ "parameter": "InternetGatewayDevice.DeviceInfo.Manufacturer", "fault_code": "", "value": "easycwmp", "type": "xsd:string" }
{ "parameter": "InternetGatewayDevice.DeviceInfo.ManufacturerOUI", "fault_code": "", "value": "FFFFFF", "type": "xsd:string" }
{ "parameter": "InternetGatewayDevice.DeviceInfo.ProductClass", "fault_code": "", "value": "easycwmp", "type": "xsd:string" }
{ "parameter": "InternetGatewayDevice.DeviceInfo.SerialNumber", "fault_code": "", "value": "FFFFFF123456", "type": "xsd:string" }
{ "parameter": "InternetGatewayDevice.DeviceInfo.HardwareVersion", "fault_code": "", "value": "example_hw_version", "type": "xsd:string" }
{ "parameter": "InternetGatewayDevice.DeviceInfo.SoftwareVersion", "fault_code": "", "value": "example_sw_version", "type": "xsd:string" }
{ "parameter": "InternetGatewayDevice.DeviceInfo.UpTime", "fault_code": "", "value": "429120", "type": "xsd:string" }

Of course, I can't see this output...
Additional InformationThanx for your time....
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2015-08-27 22:15

administrator   ~0000274

see the issue 0000077. It could hep you.

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