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Summary0000063: Trying to compile easycwmp

I am new to easycwmp and I need your help in order to try EasyCwmp.

Got this following error message while compiling OpenWrt firmware.

In file included from ../src/cwmp.c:17:0:
../src/json.h:16:26: fatal error: json-c/json.h: No such file or directory

Search the web and find the exact same issue as and also can not quite follow the provided answer.

The main problem is that I can not go to Library and select libjson-c.

I provided the screenshot for your reference. Thanks.
Additional InformationOnly libjson libary is there. No libjson-c
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2015-06-28 18:12

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you have to download libjson-c package from the OpenWRT svn repository. If you do not find how to get or build the libjson-c, please post your question on openwrt forum (it s the adequate place for a such question) and you will got answer (inchallah ;-))


2015-06-28 19:16

administrator   ~0000220

It works for me

As indicated in the official openwrt dev website ( ), I get the OpenWRT (attitude adjusment) with:

git clone git://

and then I can see the libjosn-c in the make menuconfig (see attached screen shot).

may be you have made some wrong manip some where. may be you have to start form a clean version


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2015-06-29 23:22

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Hi Kallel,

Thank you for your help. I certainly have followed your advice and sucessfully built easycwmp.
The thing is it can not build right firmware for me to load as I am supposed to use QSDK ( )to build code for the firmware. Maybe to run easycwmp I will need to fix Makefile as now it seems two packages both want to either go to same folder or the same Makefile. It is too complex and confusing for me to "configure it all out". I have already post my problem to the OpenWrt forum and hope someone knows the answer will response.



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