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Summary0000050: common_execute_command_in_apply_service

I have set some own Parameters over genieacs into my router. The Parameters are my own.
Now i want to restart my service to get my changes applied.
I Could do this in every script with the "common_delay_service_restart_in_apply_service" cmd from /functions/common
But this is not very smart to restart the service at every function call when a lot of parameters are changed.
I saw that it is possible to call the function "common_execute_command_in_apply_service" but theres is now description how it works!

Do I have to send an apply_service action as seen in
Do I have to write my own scripts?

Kind regards

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2015-05-01 12:47

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You ca refer to the lan_device and wan_device scripts to see where to call the common_delay_service_restart_in_apply_service and common_execute_command_in_apply_service function.

These functions allow to specify the commands to execute and the services to restart at the end of the session with ACS and they do not execute them immediately.
And if you make set of many parameters that require the same service restart, then the service will restart only one time at the end of the session

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