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0000361easycwmpHelppublic2018-09-25 11:58
Reporterpraveen.durai Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformArmOSOpenWRTOS VersionYocto custom
Summary0000361: easycwmpd start result in "Segmentation Fault" and not even sending Inform request
Descriptioneasycwmp is crashing with segmentation fault as below,

2018-09-24 09:47:25 [easycwmp] NOTICE - add event '0 BOOTSTRAP'
2018-09-24 09:47:25 [easycwmp] NOTICE - add event '1 BOOT'
2018-09-24 09:47:25 [easycwmp] NOTICE - external script init
config_init_local(59):: easycwmp.@local[0].interface=eth0
config_init_local(69):: easycwmp.@local[0].port=7547
config_init_local(87):: easycwmp.@local[0].ubus_socket=/var/run/ubus.sock
config_init_local(75):: easycwmp.@local[0].username=easycwmp
config_init_local(81):: easycwmp.@local[0].password=easycwmp
config_init_local(98):: easycwmp.@local[0].logging_level=4
config_init_acs(174):: easycwmp.@acs[0].url=
config_init_acs(180):: easycwmp.@acs[0].username=easycwmp
config_init_acs(186):: easycwmp.@acs[0].password=easycwmp
config_init_acs(192):: easycwmp.@acs[0].periodic_enable=1
config_init_acs(198):: easycwmp.@acs[0].periodic_interval=100
config_init_acs(205):: easycwmp.@acs[0].periodic_time=0001-01-01T00:00:00Z
2018-09-24 09:47:25 [easycwmp] NOTICE - init periodic inform: reference time = n/a, interval = 100
2018-09-24 09:47:25 [easycwmp] NOTICE - external: execute update_value_change
2018-09-24 09:47:26 [easycwmp] NOTICE - daemon started
2018-09-24 09:47:26 [easycwmp] NOTICE - external: execute inform device_id
2018-09-24 09:47:26 [easycwmp] NOTICE - external script exit
2018-09-24 09:47:26 [easycwmp] NOTICE - interface eth0 has ip
Segmentation fault
Steps To ReproduceJust start easycwmp
(/usr/sbin/easycwmpd -f -b)
Additional InformationOpenWRT is custom built using Yocto for different reason and it does not have easycwmp within so had to make build easycwmp (1.8.0) manually.
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