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0000215easycwmpHelppublic2017-04-20 17:36
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PlatformopenwrtOSlinuxOS Versionlinux3.2
Summary0000215: easycwmpd can't printf log message
DescriptionI have install easycwmp successlyg by help of EasyCwmp install for OpenWRT Linux. But I meet a block that my easycwmpd process can't printf log message.

Steps To Reproduceroot@OpenWrt:/# /usr/sbin/easycwmpd -f boot
root@OpenWrt:/# ps | grep easycwmp
17654 root 1900 S /usr/sbin/easycwmpd -f --boot
18954 root 1344 S grep easycwmp
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2017-04-20 11:36

reporter   ~0000683

How to printf log message on the openwrt platform?


2017-04-20 12:05

administrator   ~0000684

you can see log in syslog file of openwrt

Otherwise you have to stop easycwmp with /etc/init.d/easycwmpd stop
and then started with /usr/sbin/easycwmpd -b

if you satrt easycwmp with /etc/init.d/easycwmpd then the log will be catched by the procd and you will not see the logs in the console


2017-04-20 12:09

reporter   ~0000685

root@OpenWrt:/# /usr/sbin/easycwmpd --help
Usage: easycwmpd [OPTIONS]
 -f, --foreground Run in the foreground
 -b, --boot Run with "1 BOOT" event
 -g, --getrpcmethod Run with "2 PERIODIC" event and with ACS GetRPCMethods
 -h, --help Display this help text
 -v, --version Display the easycwmpd version

easycwmpd Run in the foreground´╝î how to modify to run as following :
 /usr/sbin/easycwmpd -run


2017-04-20 12:13

administrator   ~0000686

if you want easycwmpd to run in foreground:

 /usr/sbin/easycwmpd -f -b

if you want easycwmpd to run in background:

 /usr/sbin/easycwmpd -b

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