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0000159easycwmpHelppublic2016-08-17 07:41
Reporterchen_0627 Assigned Tomohamed.kallel  
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PlatformX86 PCOSUbuntu Server 32bitOS Version14.04
Summary0000159: Can't run easycwmp successfully
DescriptionI followed the every step on and installed the easycwmp well. But it can not run sucessfully when I call "/usr/sbin/easycwmpd -f -b" as root. And error logs are shown below:

2016-08-16 17:01:18 [easycwmp] NOTICE - external script init
2016-08-16 17:01:18 [easycwmp] CRITICAL - configuration (re)loading failed, exit daemon
config_load(335): configuration (re)loading failed

And config file of mine is shown below:
# easycwmp uci configuration

config local
    option interface eth0
    option port 7547
    option ubus_socket /var/run/ubus.sock
    option date_format %FT%T%z
    option username easycwmp
    option password easycwmp
    option provisioning_code ''
#Logging levels: Critic=0, Warning=1, Notice=2, Info=3, Debug=4
    option logging_level '4'

config acs
    option username easycwmp
    option password easycwmp
    option parameter_key ''
    option periodic_enable '1'
    option periodic_interval '100'
    option periodic_time '0001-01-01T00:00:00Z'

config device
    option manufacturer Arcadyan
    option oui 5DDC96
    option product_class LIPTON
    option serial_number J525183553
    option hardware_version 0.1
    option software_version 1.1

# Copyright (C) 2011-2012 Luka Perkov <>

# set these to appropriate values and remove comment if you want to use them


Some questions:
1. I printed debug log in easycwmp source code, and found that it was fail while calling function uci_load(). Is it the libuci issue?
2. I downloaded and decompressed the easycwmp on path which was not on "/opt/dev/" but on my own home path. Is it the reason why I run the process fail?
But I have copied the whole folder easycwmp to "/opt/dev" after compiled it and retry to run, the result was the same.

Could you please help me to check why it always runs fail, and provide me some suggestion?
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2016-08-16 11:56

administrator   ~0000526

what is the output of the command

sudo uci show


2016-08-17 03:41

reporter   ~0000528

Result of "sudo uci show" is :
uci: Parse error (invalid character in name field) at line 15, byte 37


2016-08-17 04:33

reporter   ~0000529

Last edited: 2016-08-17 04:51

Ok, I have found the root cause. It's my mistake when I modify the .../ext/openwrt/config/easycwmp, I deleted the key word "url" in line 15.

Thank you.

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