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OSUbuntu + OpenWRT 
Summary0000128: How to get/set specific parameters remotely?
DescriptionA newbie question.

I have GenieACS on Ubuntu and Easycwmp on Openwrt. The device can be discovered by GenieACS, but I don't know how to get/set parameters, such as SSID, from ACS remotely. It shows no option about it on GenieACS web.

I read I can do it on OpenWRT locally by
easycwmp --json set value InternetGatewayDevice.LANDevice.1.WLANConfiguration.1.SSID SSID12.
Though it only applies when I reboot WIFI.

I also read genieacs API ref It helps a little, but I still could not read and write SSID.

I wonder know how to get/set parameters remotely. And also, how to add make further development on Easycwmp to get/set specific parameters what I defined?
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2016-04-18 16:17

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I do not have a much experience with GenieAcs. But I tested EasyCwmp with GenieACS and I can saw the traffic between ACS and CPE. If you have any question about GenieACS how it can make set/get please refer to Zaid the person behind GenieACS.

About you question of apply SSID values, If you are setting SSID parameter with the ACS then the easycwmp will restart WiFi at the end of the session with ACS. And if you are setting SSID parameter with easycwmp command then you have to restart wifi manually.

If you wan to develop more parameters, you can refer to the existing parameters and follow them, It's easy to implement new params


2016-05-03 15:47

reporter   ~0000431

Thank you Kallel. I figure out some of the reasons were my GenieACS installation, though I don't know the specific reason. I just reinstalled it and it works.

However, it took me a little time to find out easycwmp/ext/openwrt/script/functions is the part of example code related to openwrt configuations. I hadn't find some tutorials to get start learning easycwmp from beginning. :)

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