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PlatformpbxOSlinuxOS Version2.6
Summary0000125: Discussion about how to combine our easycwmp design with REST API Web Serive to support better service
DescriptionI know that the EasyCwmp design includes 2 parts: EasyCwmp core and EasyCwmp DataModel. This is the same as our current project on the openwrt platform. As we all know, Google and Yahoo and other Internet giants released Web Service API, REST is favored by the more internet companies. It seems to have been on the rise all night.

So, it's time to Dissuss how to combine our easycwmp design with REST API for developers.
Additional InformationWe can learn REST API basic knowledge and design idea by Google Engine or other methods. Now, I prefer to get that more idea and suggestion will be put forward from our easycwmp team.
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2016-04-08 10:31

administrator   ~0000414

It's intersting, please let me know about details

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