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OSopenwrtOS Version4.4.0 
Summary0000116: easycwmp commands
Descriptionwould like to ask for documents on how to use easycwmp commands such as get/set/add/delete and inform. I can't find any good reference about it and I am planning to add paramaters such as RSRP, RSRQ for status monitoring with ACS.
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2016-02-18 08:43

administrator   ~0000396

you can check that in file. There is no docs about data model commands. the commands are used for developers to check the parameters they implement.

example of commands:

easycwmp get value <parameter>
easycwmp get name <parameter> <next_level>
easycwmp get name <parameter> 0
easycwmp get name <parameter> 1
easycwmp get notification <parameter>

easycwmp set value <parameter> <value>
easycwmp apply value

You can check the rest of the commands from the script

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