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ubuntulinux - ubuntu 16.04 LTS
0000307: ubus installation fail due to missing -lblobmsg_json
I have installed json-c, libubox by using the guide, but I am unable to finish the installation for ubus due to the unable to locate -lblobmsg_json.

Any suggestion?
error, Openwrt, ubuntu, ubus
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libblobmsg_json is a part of libubox.
You have to build and install libubox first. And then you have to make a:
sudo ln -sf /usr/local/lib/libblobmsg_json /usr/lib/libblobmsg_json.so

2019-01-31 14:57   
before compiling libubox, you'll need this package : libjson-c-dev
install in ubuntu with
apt install -y libjson-c-dev

otherwise libubox compiles ok but does not compile and install libblobmsg_json
So you won't have any error but the lib won't be present hence ubus won't compile.