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0000170: how to use /tmp/.easycwmp_notif_param_value
we can replace value by "ubus call tr069 notify" with /tmp/.easycwmp_notif_param_value.
as I analyze the easycwmp source and script, I must write something in /tmp/.easycwmp_notif_param_value before "ubus call tr069 notify"
but I don't know how to write a contents in /tmp/.easycwmp_notif_param_value.

can you explane how to use?
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You do not have to change the /tmp/.easycwmp_notif_param_value. This file is only updated by easycwmp.

in order to get "ubus call tr069 notify" work, you have to:
1) set parameter to notification value to 2 (Active)
2) Change the parmeter value manually (not with ACS neither with easycwmp command) by editing the conf file for example.
3) call the "ubus call tr069 notify" and you will see easycwmp starting session to the ACS immediately.

Calling "ubus call tr069 notify" means that you are trigging easycwmp to cCheck if there is any parameter (with notification value = 2) has changed out of the easycwmp control. If there is one then easycwmp will open session immediately to ACS with inform containing the event "4 Value Change".