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Oracle VM VirtualBoxOpenWrt15.05
0000167: Problem with installation of the EasyCwmp on an OpenWrt box
I'm trying to install EasyCwmp on an OpenWrt installation running as a virtual box, make is used in the installation process.

but when I type make in the shell, it says /bin/ash: make: not found

so I downloaded gnu make and extracted it, but in its installation guide inside its INSTALL file it says:

Type 'make' to compile the package.
and obviously currently there is no make to compile the package.

I also don't get the /path/to/openwrt/package/ in EasyCwmp installation.
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What is the system that you are using to build EasyCwmp? are you building EasyCwmp directly on your OpenWRT?
2016-10-19 11:17   
yes, OpenWRT is running inside an Oracle VM VirtualBOx
2016-10-19 11:27   
you can not build directly on OpenWRT.

You to build on your Linux PC (like Ubuntu) and then copy the package easycwmp to your OpenWRT system and then install it. You have to teach yourself about OpenWRT building