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0000118: firmware update, download encounters error
kindly help me on this issue, thanks

firmware download on my device encounters internal error as shown in the attached file
easycwmp version 1.2.7,
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? syslog_error (2,520) 2016-02-18 04:57
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2016-02-18 08:09   
(edited on: 2016-02-18 08:10)
Try to execute the following commnds and provide the output

easycwmp download <url> "1 Firmware Upgrade Image" "0" <user_name> <password>
easycwmp apply download "1 Firmware Upgrade Image"

use the right <url>, <user_name>, <password>

2016-02-19 02:56   
my device's product class is "Generic" and I uploaded an update with v14.07

I found out that the reason it fails is because it was trying to download from this url,"Generic"/easycwmp [^]

Fixed by changing product class to Generic and uploading a new file for it,

Can you enlighten mo to why it fails to download if product class is "Generic" instead of Generic? Thanks
2016-02-19 08:25   
maybe url containing double quote (") could be the cause of the problem.
Could you confirm that