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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00000314   Helpminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2015-03-02I fork this repo on github.com, and change some code, want merge to master, is this github repo active?
  00000374   Bugblockresolved (mohamed.kallel)2015-02-27make fails with struct storage size of 'tm' isn't known
  00000382   Helpminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2015-02-26Can't run easycwmpd as non-root user
  00000341   Bugmajorresolved (Anis)2015-02-25Avoid the inherit of opened sockets and opend files to the fork() child
  00000361   Enhancementminorresolved (Anis)2015-02-25acs url should be configured via only one option in the acs section
  00000332   Questionmajorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2015-02-13cross-compile
  00000296   Questionmajorresolved (Anis)2015-02-11openacs can not find easycwmp
  000001851 Helpminorresolved (Anis)2015-01-26Run the easycwmp support RPC method [Upload] problem from OpenACS
  00000281   Questionminorresolved (Anis)2015-01-07I am interested to understand parameter values sent by ACS server , where does it get stored ?
  00000271   Questionminorresolved (Anis)2015-01-07How does the initial message sequence work ?
  00000261   Questionminorresolved (Anis)2015-01-07Could you please let me know which entity calls scripts in easycwmp core ?
  00000251   Bugcrashresolved (mohamed.kallel)2014-12-29easycwmp excutable carshes upon CTRL + C
  00000241   Enhancementminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2014-12-29remove Accept and change content type of the HTTP header
  00000231   Enhancementminorresolved (Anis)2014-11-24Add InternetGatewayDevice.ManagementServer.PeriodicInformTime parameter
  00000215   Questionminorresolved (Anis)2014-11-05Work with genie acs and easycwmp
  00000222   Questionminorresolved (Anis)2014-11-05TR-069 expansion agreements : TR-111 and TR-106
  0000020151 Helpminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2014-10-29Run the easycwmp support RPC method [DeleteObject] problem from OpenACS
  000001983 Helpminorresolved (Anis)2014-10-28Run the easycwmp support RPC method [AddOject] problem from OpenACS
   00000161   Questionminorresolved (Anis)2014-10-10in script /usr/sbin/easycwmp
  000001512   Helpminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2014-10-08Run easycwmp scripts problem
  00000141   Helpminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2014-10-02get channel and txpower from AP
  00000064   Helpminorresolved (Anis)2014-10-01Unable to get easycwmp to connect to ACS, likely a problem with ubus
  000001312 Helpminorresolved (Anis)2014-09-30Cannot get IP address
  00000111   Enhancementmajorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2014-09-24Add cwmp id to the RPC ACS (Inform, GetRPCMethod, TransferComplete...)
  000001041 Bugminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2014-09-24XML parsing problem
  000000962 Helpminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2014-09-24Unable to install easycwmp
  0000004134 Helpfeatureresolved (mohamed.kallel)2014-09-23how and where can i modified easycwmp so that it can works on my own acs
  00000081   Enhancementminorresolved (Anis)2014-09-09avoid the launch of easycwmp twice
  00000071   Bugminorresolved (Anis)2014-09-09Connection request causes problem
  00000055   Helpminorresolved (mohamed.kallel)2014-08-05where is the file of data model ?
  000000321 Helpblockresolved (Anis)2014-05-30CWMP Version mis-match between EasyCWMP and Perl-ACS causing SOAPAction Header missing and creating XML parser problem
  0000002127 Helpfeatureresolved (Anis)2014-05-26No any data model tree of InternetGatewayDevice.* as connecting openACS
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