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0000043: What would be the curl command to trigger a Getparametervalue from the alcatel HDM to an easycwmp CPE client instance?

  I heard that easycwmp is test and compatible with alcatel-Home Device Manager. Am currently working on a feasibility to automate TR69 based test scenarios between the HDM-ACS and a CPE.

What would be the curl command to trigger a sample "GetParameterValue" from alcatel-HDM to an Easycwmp CPE client?

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To make the EasyCwmp send a GPV response, there is no curl command for that

You should configure your ACS with the GPV.
And then send a Connectioin Request to the EasyCwmp from your ACS inorder to trigger EasyCwmp to open a TR-069 session with your ACS. Then your ACS will send a GPV and then EasyCwmp will send a GPV response.

GPV = GetParameterValue