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0000344: ubusd was crashed
I have compile easycwmp into my system(not Openwrt),and run "ubusd -s /var/run/ubus.sock & " then,i run the "easycwmpd -b -f",after that,the programm was cuashed.i have checked the source code and found it was stuck at the time of read command from the acs server,please check the attachment. And i want to know when the easycwmp working normally,there is how many process is running?i found the ubus(not ubusd)and easycwmp(not easycwmpd)is not running at all.
I have tried another way that do not run the ubusd and run easycwmpd -b -f directly,when i add RPC on acs server,like reboot,getValue..etc,the cwmp will response,but not response immediately,i think it because the client was not to listen.
So i want to ask ,is my ubus source code have some problem?or my operation was wrong?i'm using easycwmp-1.6.1 now。
Please take a look,thanks.
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Did you launch the easycwmpd and ubusd in root? if not, you have to.
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Thanks for your reply..and i have checked the authroity,it's have been launched in root already...