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0000321: how to add my function file under the path "/usr/share/easycwmp/functions/" base on openwrt sys
Hello, I am a user of easycwmp. I have a question in use, If it is convenient, can you help me to answer it? This question has really been bothering me for a long time. Thank you.

I want to add a file such as "management_server" under the path "/usr/share/easycwmp/functions/" base on the system of openwrt.I have download easycwmp-openwrt-1.6.1 and run in the openwrt.now, I put the function_file under the $(PKG_BUILD_DIR)/ext/openwrt/scripts/functions/common/,compile the openwrt and run it, but no found my added_file under the "/usr/share/easycwmp/functions/".
finally,I have found a easycwmp.list file listed which function_files will be added in the easycwmp module.But the list file cannot be changed by modified immediate.How to add my function_file which to extend the easycwmp,which base on openwrt system.

Thanks again´╝ü
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I got it! thanks!