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0000320: easycwmp cannot set the value of the corresponding field by "easycwmp set Device.ManagementServer.Username XXX"
Hello, I am a user of easycwmp. I have a question in use, I would like to ask for it. If it is convenient, can you help me to answer it? This question has really been bothering me for a long time. Thank you.

The problem is that:

Easycwmp runs in openwrt system, compiled easycwmp-1.6.1 version. Both openwrt and easycwmp run normally, and the value of the field corresponding to the field can be obtained by "easycwmp get Device.ManagementServer.Username", but it is not possible to set the value of the corresponding field by "easycwmp set Device.ManagementServer.Username XXX". There are corresponding fields in the management_server file under the function folder, and support the setting function. Other fields can only be read through get command, but not set. I want to ask if there are less steps in compiling or configuring. Or is my configuration wrong? How can we configure the values of existing fields through easycwmp?

Thanks again!
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2018-04-17 03:49   
root@TAU:~# easycwmp set Device.ManagementServer.Username huhuhu
root@TAU:~# easycwmp get Device.ManagementServer.Username
{ "parameter": "Device.ManagementServer.Username", "value": "easycwmp" }

common_execute_method_param "$DMROOT.ManagementServer.Username" "1" "$UCI_GET easycwmp.@acs[0].username" "management_server_set easycwmp.@acs[0].username"

management_server_set_url() {
    local val=$1
    local chk=`echo $val | grep "[a-zA-Z0-9_]://.*"`
    [ "$chk" = "" ] && return $E_INVALID_PARAMETER_VALUE

    $UCI_SET easycwmp.@acs[0].url=$val
    return 0
2018-04-19 10:27   
Hi yuhan,

You need to apply your changes after setting them.

root@OpenWrt:/# easycwmp get Device.ManagementServer.Username
{ "parameter": "Device.ManagementServer.Username", "value": "easycwmp" }

root@OpenWrt:/# easycwmp set Device.ManagementServer.Username huhuhu

root@OpenWrt:/# easycwmp apply
{ "status": "1", "config_load": "1" }

root@OpenWrt:/# easycwmp get Device.ManagementServer.Username
{ "parameter": "Device.ManagementServer.Username", "value": "huhuhu" }
2018-04-19 11:13   
dear nromero,
Thank you very much. I'm glad to hear from you! You're right。