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0000201easycwmp[All Projects] Questionpublic2017-02-15 02:432017-10-20 12:35
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0000201: does easycwmp support upload and download of config file
acs needs to get configfile from cpe and should be able to restore the cpe status using this configfile
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2017-02-15 09:57   
the download RPC is available in easycwmp free version.
the Upload is available only in easycwmp commercial version.
2017-10-20 11:56   
Where can we find info about the easycwmp commercial version (what is included, price, etc)? PIVA's pages are not helpful in that regard...
2017-10-20 12:35   
to refer to our commercial solution. Please send an email to anis.ellouze@pivasoftware.com