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0000188: Need info about config update.
Hi Team,

The question is as follows

My CWMP binary relies on my configuration, i.e if some configuration is made then my CWMP binary gets notified.

Lets say my configuration be as follows
a = {}
b = {some value} /* if there is a change in this object CWMP get notified */
c = {some value} /* if there is a change in this object CWMP get notified */
d = {}

So far so good, say I have downloaded some configuration, let the downloaded configuration be as follows
a = {}
b = {new value}
c = {new value}
d = {}

If I apply the new configuration, CWMP binary will get notified. Some how handling update on object c is casuing some erraneous behavior to apply object d.

So my question is
1. Should I not handle the update on objects c and d, till the whole configuration is saved.
2. OR should I handle the updates explicitly.

Does ammendment mention any of the above case or is it just implementation specific.
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your question is not clear, could you explain with real example from your config.

EasyCwmp will detect any value change of parameters with notif = 2 or 1. And it does not make any update on the config upon get notified. So it does not cause any error on your config